I was an un-willing "backseat baby." After four years of producing public radio, I've had to eat those adolescent complaints. It's good to be wrong sometimes. 

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Helped found a Hearken-powered reporting project at KJZZ that uses questions from the community as the inspiration for stories. The project launched in August 2018 and is supported by the Community Listening and Engagement Fund. My first stories for the series include a history on Phoenix’s Indian School and a look at the future for land once part of the campus.

Rural Arizona Teachers Remain #RedForEd While Teaching Through Historic Walkout

In April 2018 Arizona teachers walked out of the classroom in a statewide strike. I covered the main event at the Capitol, but also wanted to see how this story was playing out in rural parts of the state. Produced for KJZZ May 2, 2018.

Untold Arizona: Arizona-Grown Tepary Beans Preserve The Past, Hold Promise For The Future

“Arizona’s earliest residents grew teparies for thousands of years, but in recent history, the beans were at risk of shriveling into obscurity.” Produced for KJZZ February 13, 2018.

The Consequence Of Caring: Veterinarians Grapple With Mental Health

This story was born from a call-out on social media. Veterinarian Rebecca Johnson told me “burnout is rampant and veterinary suicide happens all over the country, very frequently.” Research supported Johnson’s claims and veterinary schools are now trying to address these issues with their students. Produced for KJZZ November 4, 2017. Aired on NPR/WBUR's Here & Now. 

Entire Community In Dominican Republic Relocated Due To Threat Of Rising Sea Level

The World Bank estimates the Dominican Republic will be one of the countries most affected by climate change in the coming decades. Rising sea levels could wash away the Caribbean nation's tropical beaches and the homes of its most vulnerable citizens. Produced for KJZZ April 12, 2017. Aired on NPR/WBUR's Here & Now. 

Want To Get Rid Of A Gun In Arizona? Law Enforcement, Nonprofits Offer Different Options

There are some things you don’t put in the trash-- paint thinner, chemicals, an old car. That’s where hazardous waste drop-offs or scrapyards come in. But where do unwanted guns go? It’s not a simple or consistent process in Arizona. Produced for KJZZ November 7, 2017.

'Yo Amo Mi Pajón:' Loving Natural Hair In The Dominican Republic

A broom. A brillo pad.  Goat poop. These are all words young Dominican girls have used to describe pelo malo— bad hair. But what bad hair is really referring to is the kinky-curly hair many women there claim as their natural hair. Meet Carolina Contreras, a woman trying to change the conversation about beauty in the Dominican Republic. Produced for KJZZ April 11, 2017.

Arizona Jockey With A 'Heart Of Gold' Inducted To Racing Hall of Fame

An Arizona native will received horse racing’s highest honor, an induction into the sport’s Hall of Fame. But Garrett Gomez wasn't there to accept the award. This profile grew from a news brief after the 44-year-old jockey died in December. Produced for KJZZ August 4, 2017.

Arizona's New School Data System In Peril With Zero Dollars In State Budget

Arizona invested $38 million into a new public education database to make keeping track of those students easier and more accurate. Now that progress is at risk of coming to a grinding halt.Produced for KJZZ February 7, 2017. 

Doctor Puts Hands, Head, Heart into School Instrument Repair

Tucson's largest school district is one of few in the Arizona with an in-house instrument repair shop. A small team of employees, volunteers –and one doctor– keep the district's more than 13,000 instruments in tune. Meet Ned Bloomfield. Produced for Arizona Public Media, February 19, 2016.

Tucsonan Opens Car Doors to Stranded Bus Riders

A summer 2015 Teamsters Union strike crippled the bus system for more than 60,000 riders in Tucson. Recently unemployed, but mobile, Lynne Knuckle's started offering rides to strangers on Reddit. Produced for Arizona Public Media August 13, 2015. This story was one of the most-read on AZPM's website for two weeks running.

Southern Arizona Schools Recruit Teachers Out-of-State

Southern Arizona school districts travel across the country to find teachers and other staff to fill hundreds of vacancies. For some, the trips are a tool to find fresh talent, but others say it's not worth the investment because most new recruits leave the classroom in less than five years. Produced for Arizona Public Media March 25, 2015. 

Vail Students Bring 100-Year-Old Building Back to Life

Construction technology students hone their skills on one of Vail's few remaining founding buildings. Produced for Arizona Public Media August 25, 2015.

Decoding the Sounds of Everyday Life

What can you learn by listening to the sounds of a person’s day? What does a reporter learn in recording the unfiltered moments of her own life? This piece focuses on the research of Matthias Mehl, a University of Arizona psychology professor, who has spent almost 20 years decoding what candid moments of daily life can teach us. Produced for Arizona Public Media September 4, 2015. 

Inspiration for Young, Catharsis for Old in Shared Stories

What happens when you task someone with telling the story of another person, nine times their age? Meet the students of Vail Academy’s Through Our Eyes club. Produced for Arizona Public Media, April 1, 2016.

'Jack of All Trades' Helps Tucson District Weather Budget Cuts

The conversation about education in Arizona is dominated by what goes on inside the classroom. But budget cuts have also made it more difficult to maintain school grounds.  Produced for Arizona Public Media December 17, 2015.